Read this before backing your truck!

Post Date - Mar 1, 2023

Truck drivers, did you know that the National Safety Council concluded that one in four accidents involving semi-trucks happen when backing? Montgomery Transport has the answer to keeping you out of this statistic and preventing you from getting involved in a collision: G.O.A.L. or Get Out And Look!

Why you should G.O.A.L.

The most common accidents in the trucking world happen when a driver begins to back up their truck without having a clear and accurate view of the objects behind them. Due to their shape and size, trucks have massive blind spots that make it all too easy to miss something. Before backing, you should get out of the cab and assess all six sides of the truck, front, rear, left, right, above, and below, to make sure there is nothing in your way.

How to G.O.A.L. successfully

As you’re assessing each side of the truck, you should be looking for several possible obstacles including unattended equipment, safety objects, and even people. If you don’t Get Out And Look, you risk backing into or over an object or person – you also risking pinning a person between your truck and another fixed object, which could result in serious injury.

Once you check around your truck for anything you could collide with, you should reenter the cab. It’s best to prioritize backing as soon as possible, so that the outside environment doesn’t drastically change. However, safety should always come first so don’t rush yourself too much and risk making a mistake. Take a deep breath, commit to safely backing up, and utilize small movements to maintain full control.

Helpful tips

While G.O.A.L. is the best course of action you can take to avoid a backing accident, here's some additional steps you can take to ensure a safe backing process:

  1. Eliminate all distractions, including turning radio volume down
  2. Reduce the distance you’ll be backing as much as possible
  3. Use a ground guide to assist you (but still G.O.A.L.)
  4. Continuously check your surroundings as you back up
  5. Keep your mirrors clean, know your blind spots, and roll your window down for maximum clarity
  6. If you start to feel unsure, G.O.A.L.

As the driver of the truck, you are responsible for making sure no collisions happen as you back up. You should always G.O.A.L. Even if you think you’re in the clear, Get Out And Look! Even if there’s people flagging you back, Get Out And Look! Remember: You are the responsible party if a collision occurs, avoid 100% relying on anything other than your own observations!

Montgomery Transport doesn’t only give our drivers the steps to ensure their safety, we get them unbeatable driving careers! Feel like your carrier could be doing more? Connect with us today.