Increased tarp pay helps BEAT THE HEAT + a few tips for staying cool

Post Date - Jul 11, 2022

This summer is proving to be a hot one with a record-breaking heat wave already in the books and it’s only July. These hot temperatures add a new level of risk to truck drivers as they work to complete their jobs on time. Flatbed drivers need to be especially cautious since you’re spending a lot of time in the sun securing and tarping your loads.

With that in mind, Montgomery Transport is bringing back our popular BEAT the HEAT tarp pay increase for the third year in a row. Our OTR drivers will receive $100 tarp pay on legal standard and OD loads from June 14 - September 6 as a thank you for all the hard work you’re doing in this summer heat.

Our MT Dedicated drivers will earn an additional $10 per day for drivers available for dispatch. We know that drivers put in a lot of sweat equity all year long when it comes to securing and tarping your loads and we want you to know that we see your commitment to this job and value everything you do.

Here are some other summer tips to keep in mind:

Watch the weather - pop-up thunderstorms are common during the summer and can turn dangerous in an instant. It’s not just about the rain - summer storms often include hail, strong winds and the kind of weather that can produce tornadoes.

Check your truck more frequently - In addition to your regular pre- and post-trip checks. You should also check over your truck often whenever you stop. Hot temperatures can cause your engine to overheat and some truck parts to break down more quickly. Check your tire pressure often, as the heat can cause blowouts more often. Inspect the brakes, which can also be damaged by the heat as well as the constant stop-and-go of summer traffic jams and ensure that your air conditioning is working properly.

Hydrate - This is especially important if you’re exerting yourself by tarping your loads. The heat will drain your energy and cause you to be more tired and dehydrated. People often don’t recognize the symptoms of dehydration soon enough. Make sure you have plenty of water and drink fluids regularly.

Wear sunscreen - It’s important to protect your skin. Flatbed drivers spend a lot of time in the sun and prolonged sun exposure can be extremely dangerous. A lot of people also don’t realize that the harmful UV rays can pass through windows, which is why it’s important to wear SPF even if you’re spending most of the time inside your truck. Don’t forget to wear a good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes too.

Stay alert - The summer months always include lots of construction zones and extra traffic from people traveling for vacation. Use an app to stay on top of traffic conditions along your route, use extra caution and know that you’ll be sharing the road with a lot of drive who may not be familiar with their route.

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