5 easy New Year’s resolutions for truck drivers

Post Date - Dec 28, 2021

We love the New Year because it’s a lot like hitting the reset button. It’s the perfect opportunity to set new goals, dream about the future and figure out how you can improve from last year. Are you setting any New Year’s resolutions this year? Check out these five easy resolutions for truck drivers to help you start thinking about what you want to get out of 2022.

1. Fuel your body better.

Getting serious about your health is probably the most common New Year’s resolution, but there’s a good reason for it. Just like you fuel your truck to keep it running well, we should be doing the same with our bodies. Make a commitment to move more, get better sleep, stay hydrated and swap fast food for nutrient dense foods while on the road. Pack fruits, veggies, nuts & lean protein (like turkey jerky, low fat cheeses or high-quality deli meat) to help resist the urge to grab a gas station candy bar. Doing these things will give your body more energy and help you focus on staying safe and doing your job well.

2. Go green.

Finding ways to reduce your fuel consumption and drive more efficiently is not only good for the environment, but it’s also better for your finances. Take care of your truck, perform routine maintenance, and truck checks, and follow best practices for saving fuel; reduce your speed and try to optimize your routes to avoid traffic and congested areas to reduce idle time.

3. Prioritize safety.

Safety always needs to be a priority, but the new year is a great opportunity to look at your habits and safety procedures. Are you completing your pre- and post-trip inspections? Do you drive defensively? Are you prepared for emergencies? Have you worked to reduce distractions while driving?

4. Focus on mental health.

Your mental health is so important. Now is a great time to make the changes you need to improve your mental health. Incorporate breathing exercises and mediation into your daily routine. Set healthy boundaries and, if needed, eliminate toxic relationships from your life. Repeat affirmations that uplift you and help give you a positive mindset. Find healthy ways to relax and de-stress. Stay connected to your friends and family when you’re on the road. And don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional for mental health support. If you don’t want to speak to a counselor or psychiatrist, listening to podcasts from them may give you additional resources and insight into your mental health. Here are some of our favorites: The Hardcore Self Help Podcast With Duff The Psych, Therapist Uncensored, Happier, and The Hidden Brain.

5. Personal development.

This is a great opportunity to learn a new hobby, set a goal to read more books or take a class. Personal development can also be more internalized. For instance, you can commit to stepping out of your comfort zone more often (try meeting new people at stops) being more empathetic towards others by practicing active listening or working on your own self-confidence -- some of those podcasts may come in handy after all.

What New Year’s resolutions will you be making this year? If one of your goals is to make a move to a carrier with a driver-friendly atmosphere and supportive company culture, we’d love to have you join us at Montgomery Transport! Take the first step and connect with us today.